Israele e diritti dell’uomo

Una Commissione d’inchiesta del “Consiglio per i diritti umani delle Nazioni Unite” ha dichiarato lo scorso 28 febbraio, nel corso di una conferenza stampa tenutasi al Palazzo delle Nazioni Unite di New York, che la risposta di Israele alle manifestazioni a Gaza nel 2018 «può costituire crimini di guerra o crimini contro l’umanità». Si tratta di centinaia di omicidi a distanza di bambini palestinesi, donne e giovani senza alcun motivo. ecco il report dell’ONU sugli omicidi. A pagina 8 si sottolinea :

Abed was a resident of theNuseirat refugee camp. Israeli forceskilled him with a shot to the abdomen as he stood in a crowd of demonstrators approximately 150 m from the separation fence. Naji Abu Hojayeer (24)Naji, a mechanic from theBureij refugee camp, was killed with a shot to the abdomen by Israeli forces as he stood wrapped in a Palestinian flag, 300 m from the separation fence. Yousef Kronz (19)Israeli forcesshot Yousef, a student journalist, in the legs with two bullets in immediate succession.He was wearing a blue vest marked “Press”while photographing the demonstrations approximately 800 m from the separation fence. His right leg had to beamputated.(b)At the North Gaza demonstration site: Mohammad Kamal Najar (25)Mohammad, from Jabaliya, was killed when Israeli forcesshot him in the abdomen as he approached a woundedfriend approximately 50 m from the fence, and threw stones at the Israeli soldiers. Tha’ier Rabaa(30)Tha’ier, from Jabaliya, was shot in the thigh by Israeli forcesapproximately 30 m from the separation fence. He died of his injuries a week later.Mohammad Ajouri (17)Israeliforcesshot Mohammad, a student athlete, in the back of his right leg as he gave onions to demonstrators to relieve tear-gas symptoms, approximately 300 m from the fence. His leg had to beamputated.Abdel Fatah Nabi (18)Israeli forceskilled Abed, from Beit Lahia,when theyshothim in the back of the head as he ran, carrying a tyre, away from and about 400 mfrom the separation fence.Bader Sabagh (19)Bader,from Jabaliya, was killed by Israeli forces when they shot him in the head as he stood smoking a cigarette 300 mfrom the separation fence.(c)At the Gaza City demonstration site:Schoolboy (13)Israeli forcesshot a schoolboy in the leg as he stood in a crowd on Jakkar Street, approximately 300 mfrom the separation fence.(d)At the Khan Younis demonstration site: Schoolgirl (13), Marwan Qudieh (45) and two woundedIsraeli forcesinjured a schoolgirl with bullet fragmentation. As she lay on the ground, four men attempted to evacuate her. The forcesshot three of them, killing Marwan Qudieh (45) from Khuzaa village and injuring a potato seller and another man in the legs. One of the rescuers had to have a leg amputated. Jihad Abu Jamous (30)Jihad,a resident of Bani Suheila, was killed by Israeli forces by a shot to the head,approximately 300 mfrom the separation fence.(e)At the Rafah demonstration site:Ameen Abu Mo’amar (25)Ameen,from Al-Soufi neighbourhood, was killed by Israeli forces with a shot to the abdomen as he stood in a crowd,approximately 60 m from the separation fence. Maryam Abu Matar (16)Maryam,a schoolgirl from Rafah, was shot in the leg by Israeli forces as she stood witha small groupof girls waving Palestinian flags,approximately 50 m from the separation fence.Alaa Dali (21)Alaa,a member of the Palestinian cycling team, was shot by Israeli forces in the leg as he stood holding his bicycle, wearing his cycling kit, watching the demonstrations, approximately 300 m from the separation fence. His right leg had to beamputated, ending his cycling career.45.Israeli security forces woundeddemonstrators as far as a kilometre away from the separation fence. In one case, theyshot a 21-year-old student in both legs minutes after he arrivedat the Bureij demonstration site.46.Overall, at the demonstrationsheld on 30 March, Israeli forceskilled18 peopleand wounded703 people with live ammunition;another 62 people were wounded by bullet fragmentation or shrapnel. The youngest casualty was a two-year-old, woundedin the head;the oldest,a 71-year-old woman shot in the legs.

L’intero rapporto scaricabile dal sito dell’ONU qui



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