Stefano Cobello, born in 1961 in Verona, is a teacher at the Istituto Superiore Carnacina in the province of Verona, the city where he lives and was born. PhD student at the Higher Institute of Sociology of Sofia (Bulgaria) ISSK-BAS on models of school inclusion of disabled people in Europe, graduate in foreign languages and literature, M.A. first language in Russian and second language in English with a thesis on globalization in Siberia “from the Stalinist purges to the fight of shamans against the globalization in Siberia”. Parallel to the teaching activity, for over 25 years he has dealt with community policies, implementation and management of projects, conferences, workshops and European articles published all over the world, with particular attention to the needs of disabled people and technological innovation – see projects here coordinated – for the permanent national Network of Educational Institutions He has founded in 1998: European Pole of Knowledge www.europole.org. The European Pole of Knowledge is a wide network of national educational institutions where teachers are trained about the European dimension and where information, projects and innovation are shared free for schools, associations, public bodies and universities. From 1992 to 1994 he was chosen by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as regional representative for the European Youth for Europe  European programme, he has coordinated for 5 years the European Italian Foundation for the Innovation of SMEs “EIFE” also BC-NET Business Center office of the BC -NET European Commission network. Engaged since 1978 in active volunteering, first as head scout AGESCI – for whom he represented Italy at the first youth forum at the European Parliament in Strasbourg in 1985, then as European Youth Worker for the CTG in Hungary and Italy. Since 1998 deals as a pure volunteer with orphans in Siberia between Lake Baikal and the border with Mongolia www.worldnetalliance.org. He founded and collaborated with several non-profit associations, including Sinergia di Parma, Piccoli Mondi di Pergine, www.piccolimondi.org of which is Probiviro, the NGO Filomundo www.filomundo.org in Spain and the foundation, He has created for orphans World Fair www.spmir.org in Siberia. He has collaborated with several universities all over the world and has published numerous sociological articles. The sharing and the prosocial values have always been the keys to his initiatives with the aim of creating a flow of information, approaches and thoughts that could become the heritage of many, and not only of his own  personal experiences. In this historic moment of profound moral and social unrest, He is always at the “service” of people to defend with them the human dignity of the last. Environmentalist and vegetarian heve been a member and activist of Greenpeace and Amnesty International see the links.

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